RegExpFilter QML Type

Filters rows matching a regular expression More...

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Detailed Description

A RegExpFilter is a RoleFilter that accepts rows matching a regular rexpression.

In the following example, only rows with their lastName role beggining with the content of textfield the will be accepted:

TextField {
   id: nameTextField

SortFilterProxyModel {
   sourceModel: contactModel
   filters: RegExpFilter {
       roleName: "lastName"
       pattern: "^" + nameTextField.displayText

Property Documentation

caseSensitivity : Qt::CaseSensitivity

This property holds the caseSensitivity of the filter.

pattern : bool

The pattern used to filter the contents of the source model.

See also syntax.

roleName : string

This property holds the role name that the filter is using to query the source model's data when filtering items.

syntax : enum

The pattern used to filter the contents of the source model.

Only the source model's value having their RoleFilter::roleName data matching this pattern with the specified syntax will be kept.

RegExpFilter.RegExpA rich Perl-like pattern matching syntax. This is the default.
RegExpFilter.WildcardThis provides a simple pattern matching syntax similar to that used by shells (command interpreters) for "file globbing".
RegExpFilter.FixedStringThe pattern is a fixed string. This is equivalent to using the RegExp pattern on a string in which all metacharacters are escaped.
RegExpFilter.RegExp2Like RegExp, but with greedy quantifiers.
RegExpFilter.WildcardUnixThis is similar to Wildcard but with the behavior of a Unix shell. The wildcard characters can be escaped with the character "".
RegExpFilter.W3CXmlSchema11The pattern is a regular expression as defined by the W3C XML Schema 1.1 specification.

See also pattern.