Sorter QML Type

Base type for the SortFilterProxyModel sorters More...

Import Statement: import .
Inherited By:

ExpressionSorter, FilterSorter, and RoleSorter


Detailed Description

The Sorter type cannot be used directly in a QML file. It exists to provide a set of common properties and methods, available across all the other sorters types that inherit from it. Attempting to use the Sorter type directly will result in an error.

Property Documentation

enabled : bool

This property holds whether the sorter is enabled. A disabled sorter will not change the order of the rows.

By default, sorters are enabled.

sortOrder : Qt::SortOrder

This property holds the sort order of this sorter.

Qt.AscendingOrderThe items are sorted ascending e.g. starts with 'AAA' ends with 'ZZZ' in Latin-1 locales
Qt.DescendingOrderThe items are sorted descending e.g. starts with 'ZZZ' ends with 'AAA' in Latin-1 locales

By default, sorting is in ascending order.